$3,600 in credits for MongoDB Atlas
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Mongo DB

MongoDB Atlas - $3,600 in credits for MongoDB Atlas.
Available to Members only, eligibility criteria apply.
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Mongo DB

MongoDB is an optimized database that will allow you to quickly access the data you need for your applications.
By using MongoDB to store all your NoSQL databases, you can boost your productivity and spend less time managing your information. 
With MongoDB, startups have access to a fully managed cloud database to build and scale their businesses.

Members & Startups/Businesses eligible will receive:

$3,600 in credits for MongoDB Atlas


In order to qualify for MongoDB Atlas, the startup must:

Businesses need to be active member of the community in order to access discounts.


  • Series A or earlier funding stage

  • Must be building a product or service (agencies are not eligible)

  • Has not previously participated in MongoDB for Startups (formerly known as “MongoDB Startup Accelerator”)


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