Elevate your offering with perks & savings.

Discover the all-in-one business perks platform.
Supporting Coaches, Creators, VCs, Accelerators, agencies & companies to easily provide deals & resources to their networks.

Supported by Leaders

Stand out without all the cost & hassle.

Attract and retain your network by adding more value. How? By promoting access to deals and resources they need to start, build, and grow.

Trusted by Businesses

Offer Millions in
Perks & Savings.

Offer Millions in Perks & Savings.

Offer instant access to $250,000+ in savings, and business benefits on popular tools and software products. Further help your founders, clients or network start, build, or accelerate their business ventures with amazing resources. At NO cost to you!

A landing page dedicated for
your network.

Keep your brand focal with our partner landing pages. Give your founders, clients or followers access to a dedicated page designed to help increase your offering, brand awareness and conversions.

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Unbranded or
100% your own.

Choose our clean and unbranded platform or white-label our platform and make it your own. Reach a new audience, increase your visibility, and boost your sales.

Startup Video Academy.

Save your network time searching for videos. Give them instant access to 100+ Hours of curated interviews & podcasts on all things startup.

Track your extra revenue & sales.

Want to gain extra revenue? Unlimited commissions & 60 day-cookie. Easily track and see in real time what you have earned on your own dedicated dashboard

Get your own dedicated landing page for your network or founders to access business benefits through the OWNBN unbranded platform.

Your network or Founders get 12 months unlimited access to all the deals and resources within the all-in-one perks and benefits platform.

Get $50 every time one of your founders pays to get access to the platform. You also receive the name and email details if they are not part of your community or network already.

Add business perks

Easily add business perks to your current offering without the hassle

Reduce Burn Rates

Help to reduce your founders' overheads and burn rates

ROI within minutes

Create additional ROI for your founders/startups within minutes

Powered by Buildily

Award-winning leaders of supporting startups

Powered by Buildily

Award-winning leaders of
supporting startups

Buildily wins Globee® in the 9th Annual Consumer World Awards. The Globee® Awards are the world’s premier business awards consisting of eleven award programs.

Nominated for UKBAA Finalist for Best New Entrant to the EcoSystem Award 2019. Recognising the most innovative and impactful organisations
Buildily is exclusively invited and achieves FSQS Accreditation. An accreditation valued by many of the leading institutions.

Buildily is asked to Partner with Santander Universities to Support its University accelerator entrepreneurs and startups

What our
Partners' say!

"Having and promoting my own business perks to my clients without all the hassle is a no brainer!"

For Business Coaches

"It's amazing to be able to offer my audience a way to save thousands without having to run everything!"

For Content Creators

"Being able to provide our cohorts with access to deals and discounts adds value and compliments our program.

For Incubators

A great resource to provide additional resources and reduce burn rates of our portfolio companies

For Accelerators

We're always looking at new ways to support our clients. It was a no brainer that we would offer them a chance to save 1000s on tools and software for their business.

For Marketing Agencies

We have found that partnering with OWNBN has been the easiest and simplest way to offer our members a number of business perks and discounts at no cost to us. It's a no brainer!

For Communities
    Business Coach

    "Having and promoting my own business perks to my clients without all the hassle is a no brainer!"

    Content Creator

    "It's amazing to be able to offer my audience a way to save thousands without having to run everything!"

    Accelerator, Program Lead

    "Being able to provide our cohorts with access to deals and discounts adds value and compliments our program.

      Simple plan.
      Supercharge your offering

      Earn whilst supporting your clients, founders, and members to discover and save money on tools to help them start or grow their businesses.

      100% FREE

      $ 0.00 /Year
      • $350,000 business benefits
      • $30K of lifestyle savings*
      • 100+ hrs of curated videos
      • Funding Playbook & Tips
      • Pitch deck tips and guides
      • Global partner support
      • 12 mos unlimited access
      • Customer service support
      • No platform/running costs
      • Future deals & resources
      • No set-up/up-front costs
      • Dedicated co-branded landing page
      • Unbranded resources & benefits platform
      • Get paid every 30-days

      Contact Us

      $ TBC /Year
      • All of the benefits in the free option
      • Own private & dedicated platform
      • White-labelled landing page
      • Private Groups & Forums
      • Member Profiles
      • Private Messaging

      We're sold! But before we start...

      It’s super easy to join the OWNBN Partner program.

      1. Fill in our quick OWNBN Partner application.

      2. Once reviwed and approved, your dashboard, link & co-branded page will be created.

      3. Within 72hrs of approval, your co-branded landing page will be live. You can start promoting your business perks to your network!

      Extend your offering easily. Earn unlimitedly. Add more value instantly!

      Don’t be burdened by running your own business perks and resources platform, let us do that for you!

      Just simply continue to do what you do best and additionally earn by supporting your founders, members, followers or network to get access to resources and 1000s of savings.

      No, there is no limit to what you can earn. Partner with OWNBN and unlimitedly earn commissions from anyone who buys a new membership subscription.

      NO! Unless you are going for a White-label platform. So there are no up-front costs, running costs, platform costs, deal-hunting costs and there is no limit to your revenue!

      Great question! All approved Partners will receive their own co-branded landing page.

      Will I have to pay for this?

      Absolutely no! There is no charge for you to have your own Partner landing page.

      Earn unlimitedly by getting paid $50 every time a new founder, follower, client or member pays for a 12 month membership subscription. 

      How does this work?

      You will be notified every time a client pays for a subscription via your landing page. Track and see your revenue and sales via your Partner Dashboard.

      Your network will pay for access to the platform via your own landing page and personalized URL link for example:




      How does it work?

      In 2 simple steps paid users will get instant access to business resources and 1000s of dollars of savings. 

      Step 1: Users will securely pay for their 12 month Benefits Plan Membership.

      Step 2: Once they have paid they get instant access to the platform.

      It’s that Simple!

      Your network will gain direct access to the platform via your own landing page and personalized URL link for example:

      your-brand.ownbn.com or ownbn.com/yourbusinessname. 

      To login in, all users will have to do is press on the link/button ‘Sign In’ and follow the simple logging in instructions.

      Absolutely, YES! We understand that some businesses especially accelerators and incubators want to reward their startups/founders themselves. We are, therefore, able to sell membership licenses directly to you. (Large volume discounts available.)

      So how does it work?

      Once you pay for the 12 month membership licenses you will be issued unique platform codes to grant your chosen founders/members/clients.

      How will my startups/clients access the platform?

      We will create a simple and co-branded registration page like this here.

      Your startups will register and use their platform code via your personalized URL link for Ex: ownbn.com/yourname. 


      Of course! Our team are happy to answer any further questions you might have. Just drop us a message here.

      The #1 Provider of Business Benefits

      OWNBN – ‘Own Benefits Network’.
      Supporting Coaches, Creators, VCs, Accelerators, and businesses to easily provide deals and resources to their networks.

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